After dipping my toes into the skate community for the last year, I realized there’s a stigma that needs to be changed. The goal of GRLSK8D is to expand the representation of women in the skateboarding community and allow women to feel supported and welcomed into the space. Branding began by thinking of a way to push girls to get out and skate. I wanted to capture the feeling of your friend saying “Girl skate!” The logo design advanced this idea by also encompassing the shape of a skateboard and using text lingo smiley faces, as a way to relate to alternative slang and lifestyle in skate culture. Another layer to the logo is that it can be read as “Girl skated,” which will promote people to use the logo as a proud stamp when they skate somewhere. When a girl goes to a space and she skates, she can mark that area with the sticker to pass the message and change the stigma. Hopefully when another woman comes to that same space and sees this, even if she is alone by gender, she can see this logo and be reminded that she isn’t alone. Through the stickers of the logo, zine, video, and skate decks, these deliverables seek to promote confidence and encouragement the local community of Charlotte is lacking for women to skate. 
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